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Deep House infused Pop flavours a track you can’t afford to miss. Beautiful vocals lace the track and offer something different to the usual sounds we are accustomed to at the moment. The vocal hook partners with a deep bassline and infectious percussion to create a wholly atmospheric track built to be played loud. Keep your ear out for the soulful sax solo in the middle of the track, too. ‘Rainmaker’ is a modern day twist on the Deep House vibes we’ve grown to love.

‘Rainmaker’ is the first collaboration between celebrated Dutch electronic music artist NATHASSIA and one of India’s hottest producers GAR. Nathassia explains “the song is inspired by a lens to the future when climate change wreaks rampant drought”. Described by Grammy winning writer/producer Bruce Elliott-Smith as “mystical melodies, haunting lyrics and ecstatic Saxophone”.


#9 Club MTV’s Big 20 | #9 Beatport Big Room Chart | Kiss FM Support


'In My Head' is the second collaboration between Dutch electronic music artist NATHASSIA and D3FAI. Following on from the success of 'Change The World’ which had huge support from KISS FM and was playlisted on Club MTV & MTV Dance International, Clubland TV and reached the MTV UK Top 20.

The music video is #9 in Club MTV's Big 20 & Playlisted on Club MTV International.

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NATHASSIA - Star Sapphire (Goddess Is A

Nathassia has reinvigorated her 2019 release ‘Star Sapphire’ with a brand-new remix, made especially for her world-renowned radio show ‘Goddess Is A DJ’.


The track is dark and dramatic bursting at the seams with a cacophony of synths as Nathassia gets to work in showing off her incredible skillset and finely tuned ear for exceptional dance tunes.

D3FAI & NATHASSIA Change The World (Alex

CHANGE THE WORLD is the first collaboration between one of Argentinian producer D3FAI and well known Dutch electronic music artist NATHASSIA. Playlisted on MTV Dance for 3 months and had huge support from KISS FM.


The House remix by the legendary Alex Gaudino & Teo Mandrelli is out now!

NATHASSIA (pronounced Natasha) being half Dutch & half Indian, emanates a mesmerising quality. Her vocal style, music and live performances bring together both eastern and western cultures in spellbinding style.

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Top 100 DJ/producers Pink Panda remix Nathassia's Contagious in submilme style.

“One of the most creative artists of the past few years” EDM House Network
“An artist like no other” T.H.E Music Essentials
“A role model for multiculturalism” Mauritius Times